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Xcluder Rodent Block Fill Fabric 4" x 10' Roll

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Rodent Block Mesh 4" Wide x 10' L Roll.  Xcluder Fill Fabric is designed to stop gnawing and burrowing pests from entering your house, apartment, mobile home or building in a safe and environmentally responsive way. For preventing pest intrusion, Xcluder is superior and a permanent solution for rodent control!   Print Install Instructions

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Xcluder is made from coarse stainless steel wool, which has sharp edges. ALWAYS WEAR GLOVES AND USE CARE IN HANDLING AND CUTTING. AS ALWAYS WITH ANY HOME IMPROVEMENT PROJECT, WHEN WORKING OVERHEAD USE SAFETY GLASSES TO PREVENT LOOSE FIBERS FROM GETTING INTO THE EYES. To contain loose fibers, always cut Xcluder over a trash receptacle. CUT XCLUDER BELOW EYE LEVEL. Do not use Xcluder on surfaces that may exceed 270o F. Do not use Xcluder in electrical enclosures or receptacles.

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Xcluder® is the #1 rodent deterrent material on the market and the only one tested and proven effective by USDA / APHIS. Made of stainless steel fibers and not steel wool, Xcluder® is 100% non-corrosive. It will not rust or react to moisture. Xcluder® does not contain any harmful chemicals or pesticides, so it doesn’t kill or harm animals or bugs. It simply makes the cracks and crevices so difficult to navigate that pests give up! That's why Xcluder® is the preferred rodent and insect exclusion device used by pest management professionals around the world.

  • Xcluder Fill F...
    Xcluder® is the #1 rodent deterrent material on the market and...

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