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The Storage Solution you NEED!

The Storage Solution you NEED!

Posted by Haily on 12th Aug 2022

Have you ever wondered which storage solution might be right for you? Slat wall systems are an easy and attractive way to create custom storage in your space. There are many options when it comes to colors and there are a wide variety of accessories to allow you to create a totally custom space. Slat wall is also great for home gyms, offices, even a play room!

So where do you begin? 

Step ONE: Pick the brand of slat wall you'd like to use. Both StoreWALL and Handiwall have beautiful color selections. Both products are durable and are built to last. So when it comes down to selecting the brand, pick the brand that fits your style. 


StoreWALL in a garageHere is an example of how truly versatile slat wall products can be. 

This customer used two different colors to achieve their desired design as well as created their own custom space using different accessories to store both their kayak, cooler, recycle totes, a ladder, and more.

The products showcased in the photo are all StoreWALL products. 

Most StoreWALL orders ship out within 24-48 business hours. We also offer samples of the panels when you can't decide what color would work best for you. Please contact a sales person if you're in need of a sample. 

STEP TWO: Install accessories are a must! 

From screws to install strips and trim there are many options to help you install your slat wall and make it look beautiful too. 


STEP THREE: Accessorizing your slat wall

There are so many options when it comes to accessorizing your slat wall. There are even a few different kits and bundles you can order to help take the guess work out of the equation. Whichever direction you choose to go, slat wall is truly a great solution to creating the perfect organization in any space you need. 

Some of my favorite accessories range from organizing your sporting goods equipment to organizing all your screws and tools!

StoreWALL Slot BinThe StoreWALL Slot Bins are perfect for keeping small items like screws. Click the photo to view the product on our site. This is just one example of an accessory. 

Not only can you store tools, you can store your fishing poles, your bikes, and more.

Handiwall also makes many amazing accessories. The most popular Handiwall accessory kit would be our 21 piece bundle. Shop HERE to check it out!

Our number one seller over the years has been the StoreWALL Deluxe Home Fitness Kit in Brite White. Shop Here!

Can't find what you're looking for? Or simply want some help? Please just reach out to one of our sales associates and we'd be happy to help create the space of your dreams. Call us at 361-906-0863 or email