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ap-gallery-truck.jpgapcolors.jpgSupratile 7MM is a heavy duty, strong interlocking tile. Ideal for harsh, demanding environments such as loading docks, heavy manufacturing areas, airports, manufacturing facilities, military, commercial hangars, truck repair facilities, mining operations, museums and similar facilities. Each tile can hold up to 20,000 lbs with no indentation.

Easy to install, NO ADHESIVES needed - simply loose lay over existing sub floor. Our tile can be installed over virtually any existing sub floor including timber, concrete, resin, ceramic tile, linoleum, commercial low pile carpet and more. Supratile provides an easy, rapid solution to covering damaged and contaminated floors and is an extremely resilient, ergonomic flooring system. Our tile can handle equipment such as fork lifts, hand trucks, vehicles, foot traffic and more.


Dovetail Locking Tabs offer a strong connection for keeping tiles locked together.  The 20.5" x 20.5" 7MM Dovtail Texture Tile has a leather type texture for non-skid, and easy cleaning / maintenance.  

Hidden Dovetail Series, 7MM tiles are virtually water tight, can be loose laid for most applications, simply lock the tiles together, no adhesive needed. 

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