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May Deals

Posted by Darrean Parker on

For the entire month of May, Elite Xpressions will be having not one but two sales going on. We’re taking 10% off our Commercial Smooth Perfection Floor Tiles in black and dark grey. And we’re taking 10% off our Smooth and Coin patterned Locktile in black and dark grey as well. Just use coupon codes CS10 and LOCK10 at checkout to take part in this limited time deal.

The Commercial Smooth tiles, which are resistant to oil, petroleum, grease, anti-freeze and most chemicals, are ideal for putting down in garages and home workshops. The anti-slip tiles are made from carcinogen-free virgin polyvinyl and feature outer T-joint locking tabs. Prep work for putting down our Commercial Smooth tiles is as simple as sweeping away any debris on the subfloor. Installation of tiles is quick and requires no special tools, chemicals or adhesives. Simply put down tiles, connect along the seams and you’re done. Commercial Smooth tiles come with a 10 Year Warranty.

If you’re looking to update the flooring in an industrial workshop, then our Locktile is the product for you. Each 7MM tile is flexible yet tough enough to handle heavy-duty and high traffic applications. This includes foot and vehicle traffic, pallet jacks and fork lifts. Locktile comes with a 30 Year Manufacturer Warranty. As with the Commercial Smooth tiles, installing Locktile tiles is an easy procedure that can be done without need of expert labor, chemicals or adhesives.

Shopping the Leather Look

All this month, Elite Garage Floors is having a 10% off sale on our Black and Dark Grey Leather Look tiles. To take part in this great deal, just use code LL10 at checkout. Our Flexi-Tile Interlocking tiles are great for any re-flooring project. The tiles are made with carcinogen-free virgin polyvinyl that is tough [...]

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Perfection Floor Tile Versitile Coin Pattern Tiles

The Perfection Floor Tile Coin Pattern has many uses, from the garage, basement, gym, mudroom, warehouses, military, retail flooring, commercial and industrial applications.  Manufactured from Virgin Polyvinyl that is carcinogen free material. These Flexible Interlocking tiles can be loose laid over many types of sub floors, no adhesive needed, and with very little preparation to the sub floor. [...]

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Leather in the Laundry!

Leather Look is 10% off for the entire month of February! Use code: LL10 at checkout. Shop here.Now is the perfect time of year to work on home projects that you've wanted to work on for ages! Perfection Floor Tile Leather Look tiles are easy to install. No expert labor required. Installing Leather Look is a [...]

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Holiday Shopping Guide

The Holidays are here! We are 25 days away from Christmas! We still have this feeling that Christmas is far away and when doing our Holiday shopping we are still in this place of "getting it done early." Now is the time to buy your Christmas gifts before it is too late. We have created [...]

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By: Haily NelsonSeptember 29, 2018This 2017 Hurricane Season has not been kind to many of us. Many people have incurred total loss or damage to their homes. It's now been a few weeks now since the first major storm to hit, Hurricane Harvey.Elite-Xpressions is located in Corpus Christi, TX. Many of our neighbors and friends [...]

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How to keep pest out of the garage.

Creating a tight seal on your garage door and closing off exposed cracks or holes will help keep out dirt, pest, critters, and rodents out of the garage. We want the critters to stay outside, so closing off any gaps will help to keep them out.  Additionally it will help keep any rain and water [...]

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Gladiator Garage Works, When Design and Storage Meet

         April 20, 2017The Gladiator Garage Cabinets by Whirlpool are a durable, versatile, and built to last garage cabinet. Our welded steel garage cabinets feature excellent support and premium quality. The Gladiator Cabinets comes with a metal diamond plate fonts and steel cabinet box. Gladiator provides storage solutions rugged enough [...]

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Tips on Covering Peeling Epoxy or Cracked Concrete Floors

Epoxy painted floors are popular for covering concrete in the garage, warehouse flooring, military floors and other applications.  If you have a new concrete floor, then epoxy may work for you.  However if your concrete has stains or is in disrepair then putting down epoxy is very labor intensive, and expensive.  Repairing concrete that is stained [...]

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Featured Product: G Floor Rollout Flooring

By: Haily Wilson During this month of February 2017, G Floor Rollout Mats are 5% off on all stock sizes. This sale does not include custom size mats. Use code: GFLOOR5 upon checkout! Garage floor mats are a faultless solution for any customer who is trying to find an easy, manageable way to install flooring in their garage. The [...]

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