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monsterrax-image2.jpgWe offer several types of quality overhead storage units to help you utilize space.  The easy access retractable HeavyLift to our MonsterRax overhead steel garage storage rack system.  

MonsterRax:  °  All 14 Gauge Steel | Powder Coated Finish | Industrial Strength Wire Decking | "C" Channel Beams on 8' Units | Lifetime Warranty

MonsterRax™ is also known as SafeRacks, the product is a derivative of industrial shelving components historically used in commercial applications.  This overhead storage rack system is an affordable, industrial strength storage racking system that can be suspended from a garage ceiling or anywhere extra storage is needed, installed at varying adjustable heights.  

Not enough room in your garage?  Well look up - there's a vast area of untapped storage space right above your head.  While garage cabinets are great, they don't offer the kind of storage space that many of us need. Overhead garage storage systems are the most efficient and cost effective solution for your storage problems.  Putting boxes and cartons in your attic or basement is okay, but what about the stuff you need all the time - storage racks make it easy to access the items you need most often.  Overhead storage racks are easy to install, and inexpensive.  MonsterRax Installation Instructions