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Protect your facilities entry points from dirt, debris, and pests.

We carry several sizes and forms of brush seals including Flex Brush, Stick Brush, Weatherblock brush, and Zebra brush. Our brushes come in Slim-Line (fits into a #2.5 Channel), Standard (fits into a #4 Channel), and Large (fits into a #7 Channel) sizes. These various styles can be found and utilized on side seals, dock leveler seal kits, passage sweeps, and much more! 

Standard brush seals are made from polypropylene filaments packed densely together to prevent airborne particulates from passing. These filaments are wrapped tightly around a metal rod and kept in place by a crimped piece of metal called a spine. These types of seals work well for entrances that need to keep debris, dust, and pests out such as food processing plants.

Stick Brush – Stick brush is a rigid brush made of polypropylene bristles | Flex Brush – Flex brush is a premium seal, much like a stick brush, which is made of polypropylene. The bristles are extruded directly into the spine. Offering greater flexibility, Flex Brush is sold by the foot, or in a reel and can easily be transported from job to job. | WeatherBlock – WeatherBlock is a premium weather seal. Set up like stick brush with the polypropylene filaments, the Weatherblock brush seal features a vinyl insert in the middle to create an impenetrable seal. WeatherBlock brush seals are perfect for food processing plants, fire doors, and much more. | Zebra Seal – Zebra brush seals are designed to be more vibrant and catch the eyes of workers around the seal. This brush seal comes in stick form and is also made of polypropylene.  Please note:  Our brush seals and retainers are cut down for ground shipping.  These are custom cut at time of order and non-returnable.  Any size over 8' has to ship freight, contact us for a quote on larger orders or full length items.