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pp-12kw-k-1000x667.jpgG-Floor® Imaged Parking Pad. 55 Mil wear layer, Black and White checkerboard design underneath a durable high gloss topcoat. Ceramic textured in 2 sizes, 2 border options in a Black or Red Border.

Available in 3 sizes: 5’ x 10’ • 10’ x 20’

Made from the highest quality materials for maximum durability and strength under heavy use and extreme temperature and weather conditions. These vinyl floor rolls offer other great features: • 100% Polyvinyl • Durable: Strong enough to drive a car on, yet cushions for anti-fatigue benefits • Cost Effective • DIY unroll installation (recommend taping the ends of the mat) • DIY cleaning and maintenance • Waterproof barrier to protect floors from mold and mildew deterioration • Also resists oil, battery acid, brake fluid, mud, salt, antifreeze & other common chemicals • Slip-resistant • No peeling, cracking or curling • Easy to move • Insulates and reduces noise • Hides sub-floor imperfections.

Made in USA