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Perfection Floor Tile Install Tips

Perfection Floor Tile Install Tips

Posted by Haily on 9th Mar 2022

Installing a new garage floor doesn't have to be hard! Here are some very simple tips to help you get your floor installed perfectly and easily.

You'll need:

- Utility Knife and fresh blades OR Jigsaw/Table Saw

- Pencil and a sharpie doesn't hurt to have on hand.

- Measuring Tape

- Rubber Mallet

- Broom & Dust Pan

- Mop

- Bluetooth Speaker (so you can have fun listening to music while you install)

- Shop Vac if you have one

First: Clean the subfloor - sweep off dirt and debris. Mop if needed. 

Next: Figure out how you want your floor to look. Do you want it to look centered? Personally, I always start in the front of the garage and I like my floor to look centered. 

Next: install all your tiles that don't need to be cut. It is important in the beginning that you keep everything straight and lined up so that it doesn't look crooked. Once you have a lot of tiles interlocked the floor is too heavy to adjust. Use a rubber mallet to install the tiles. 

Next: Once your main floor is installed, you can cut your tiles using a utility knife. You want to measure the distance from the inside of the jigsaw style interlocking mechanism to the wall. Remember it is recommended to keep a 1/4" gap between the tiles and the wall to allow for expansion and contraction. Once you have your measurement you can mark on your tile where you need to cut. Take your time cutting the tiles. I score the tile with the blade and slowly go over that score again and again until I have the cleanest cut I can make. Taking your time here is the key to making your floor look nice!

If you choose to use a jigsaw/table saw just cut like any other product! Always be careful when using sharp machinery and tools! 

For large projects, we do sell tile cutters. Please contact us for quotes.

Once your floor is completed, take some pictures and send them to us! We love to show off our customers projects!

If you need any help during the install process, give us a call! We are happy to help you.

Check out our youtube video for some extra help!