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  • Grill Mat Diamond Pattern Metallic Silver by BLT

Grill Mat Diamond Tread 47" x 32" (Metallic Silver)

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Grill Mat in a metallic silver, 47" x 32".  Best-in-class grill mat with high tolerance to heat and potential grill spilling's. While many grill mats will buckle under the pressure of heavy grills and melt easily as a result of the intense heat of the grills, BLT's brand is resilient. With a vinyl coating on the top and the material used to manufacture these grill mats is absolute top quality.

Grill mats may be used for many different types of grills without fear of the mat becoming damaged or burnt over a long period of time. These include:

  • Gas grills
  • Large Electrical grills
  • Steamers
  • Barbecues
  • Outdoor Fryers

The material used in the BLT Grill Mats is resilient to heat and very easy to clean. For most cleaning, all it takes is a quick hose and the mat looks as good as new. For more intense stains and grease spots, a quick, light scrub is all that it will take to bring the mat back to its original splendor. You don't have to waste excess time in cleaning the mat. With this grill mat, the only cleaning that you will have to do is on your grill!

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