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Garage Door Rubber Seal Products

button-samples1.gifweatherseal.jpgCreating proper garage door seal with our garage door weather seal products is the first step to make your door more energy efficient, in addition to helping keep out driven rain, excess water, pest, dust and pollen.  

We stock garage door bottom seal replacement material in Vinyl, Rubber, Double T, Bead, and P End.  

We also carry complete Garage Door Bottom Seal Kits which includes everything you need to replace the bottom of the garage door including channels, rubber seal and fasteners.  Our products are generic bottom seal material and fit most residential and commercial doors.  Aluminum Bottom Seal Retainers.  Click Here for a Bottom Seal Installation Tips Video

Our Weather Seal Material is Custom Cut and Sold by the foot so you can order the custom length you need for your garage door.  (Please note our bottom seals are custom cut at time of order and are non-returnable.)  We offer free samples if you are not sure of your seal type, or call our sales staff for assistance.  Threshold & Seal Products all in stock at our location, ship out same day or by next business day.  Price includes free ground shipping within continental US States.



Garage Door Bottom Seal Material

Custom Cut Lengths - Many Styles

In stock, Free Ground Shipping



Garage Door Bottom Seal 

Full Rolls, Many Styles

In Stock, Free Ground Shipping



Aluminum Bottom Seal Retainers

For Bottom Seal Replacement Seals

In Stock, Free Ground Shipping



Brush Seals / Aluminum Retainers

Residential, Commercial Doors



Garage Door Side/Top Seals

Kits for One and Two Car Garages



Passage Door Vinyl Seals, Sweeps

Bulb Seals, Retainers



Garage Door Insulation Kits

Covers 18' x 8'. R-Value up to 6.0

Garage Door Seals | Garage Door Weather Seals

button-samples1.gifHaving a good weather seal on your garage door is important to keep out water, elements, and pest.  If you have an uneven floor you can use a larger bottom seal to close off gaps.  For extreme garage door gaps you may consider using a new garage door bottom seal along with a garage door threshold to close off gaps at the bottom of your garage door.  

Our garage door seal replacement material is sold custom cut by the foot.  Rubber and Vinyl weather seal material is available in Double T-End, Bead End, P-End and T-Bulb which fits a double or single bottom seal retainer.  The Clopay garage door bottom seal fits a single channel retainer, and fits many Clopay Garage Doors.  If you have an old discontinued weather seal we offer complete Rubber Seal Kits which includes everything you need to replace the bottom of the garage door including channels, rubber seal and fasteners. The Super Seal Garage Door Rubber seal is a double T End seal and has an additional rubber tube that runs though the middle which helps the seal keep its form.  

Most of our bottom seals slide into the current retainer on the garage door.  To determine what type of retainer you have simply pull out a corner of your bottom seal to expose the retainer.  The standard retainer is usually a double or single channel.  If you have a double channel you'll want to see if it's shaped like a T, or if it has an oval shape or round shape which should fit a Bead or P End bottom seal.

Our garage door seals in a 3" Wide T End will fit in a double bottom seal retainer.  The T Ends create a U shape once installed into the retainer, so the 3" Wide Seal will hang down approximately 1-1/2" once installed (depending on the width of the garage door).  

Rubber seals are made of durable black EPDM synthetic rubber, and is more durable and and flexible than vinyl, and withstands extreme weather temperatures ranging from -50 to 350 degrees.  Our garage door seals are generic and fit many types of residential and commercial garage doors. Aluminum Replacement Channels.  Our seals are Made in USA!

To close off gaps on the side or top of the garage door check out our brush seals.  The brush seal in an angled retainer can seal any gaps along the sides of the garage door.

Special Note:  Bottom seal material is custom cut at time of order.  Measurements are provided with each product for your determination, if you aren't sure which product will work for you call us and we will mail you a small sample piece to test.  Bottom seal material is non-returnable.